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The PoopDeck Project

The PoopDeck Project

I curated a joint exhibition (with my friends at Inkygoodness) featuring a series of art prints and illustrated playing cards. The exhibition was held at The Coningsby Gallery in London.

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Featuring over 52 artists The PoopDeck Project comprised of a printed set of illustrated character playing cards and an exhibition of all the characters featured on the cards.

I released the playing cards under the Ammo brand. Usually I publish art books and magazines so the playing cards were a little different although they featured the same kind of contemporary illustrators that I tend to include in the publications. I decided on a nautical theme for the cards and invited artists to create characters based on one of 4 suits - Pirate Crew, Cursed Pirate Crew, Royal Navy Officers and Mythical Sea Creatures.

The response was incredible - I received 52 colourful characters, outstanding box artwork by James Burlinson (aka Burlisaurus!) and a pirate character drawn by Bart Aalbers (an Illustrator based in Rotterdam). Each character was displayed at the Coningsby Gallery for one week as part of a joint exhibition with inkygoodness. I also designed and built a website to showcase the characters alongside artist profiles and an online shop for the playing cards and remaining prints.

I've been involved with several live events but this was the first exhibition I've helped organise. There were over 52 artists involved (just on my side of the exhibition!) and an extra long list of tasks to manage. It was fun, tiring and also very rewarding. You'll find photos of the exhibition setup and launch below alongside images of the playing cards and website.

Exhibition Setup at The Coningsby Gallery

poop-setup7 The PoopDeck Project - Setuppoop-setup6 poop-setup5 poop-setup4 poop-setup2poop-setup3

Exhibition – Launch Night!

poop-launch1poop-launch2The PoopDeck Project - Launchpoop-launch4poop-launch3

The PoopDeck – Playing Cards

The PoopDeck Playing Cardspoop5poop2poop7poop4poop6poop3

The PoopDeck – Website

The PoopDeck - Website poop-web2 poop-web3


I'm a North Yorkshire based Creative Director with over 12 years of commercial experience. I work on digital and print projects for creative studios, businesses and like-minded individuals. I provide a range of graphic design services including web design, front-end web development, print design and illustration.

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