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Pedro Segundo

Pedro Segundo

Pedro Segundo is one of the foremost percussionists and drummers on the international circuit. When he’s not touring the world with leading musicians he is a key member of London’s Kansas Smitty’s house band.

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Pedro's one of the most talented percussionist's working in the UK today. He's a member of Kansas Smitty's house band and club - a jazz/swing club in London that's known for it's great music and party atmosphere and a member of Ronnie Scott's House Band.

I was tasked with designing and building a website for Pedro. Both Pedro and his agent were keen to receive a website that was very clear and contemporary. I combined an elegant black and white theme with striking use of red in the titles and home page introduction.

Pedro SegundoPedro SegundoPedro Segundo


I'm a North Yorkshire based Creative Director with over 12 years of commercial experience. I work on digital and print projects for creative studios, businesses and like-minded individuals. I provide a range of graphic design services including web design, front-end web development, print design and illustration.

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