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Momiji dolls are artist-designed characters that contain secret messages (written on paper) in their base. The idea being that people buy the dolls as gifts and include a personal message. The characters are so appealing that they’ve become highly collectable.


Product Launch Visuals
Web Banners


I was contacted by Momiji after meeting the founders at an event I'd held for Ammo Magazine (a small illustration magazine that I founded). It was clear we had similar tastes and when Momiji heard I'd become 'freelance' they called to see if I'd be interested in creating visual assets for their new characters.

My main task included the creation of launch visuals to promote their latest characters. I designed concepts for each character and then refined their preferred visual for use as website banners, on social media and in newsletters. Below you'll find a selection of launch graphics and also some of the concepts that didn't quite make it.

I've also designed a range of newsletters and other assets including printed flyers for the brand. Momiji have been great to work with and I always enjoy discovering their latest characters in my inbox.

Momiji – Frank & Seymour – Final Launch Graphics

Momiji - Frank and Seymour

Momiji – Launch Graphics – Alternate Concepts

Momiji - Frank and Seymour - v2Momiji - Frank and Seymour - v3

Momiji – Newsletter Designs

Momiji - Newsletters

Momiji – Birthday Girl – Launch Graphics

Momiji - Birthday Girl launch graphics

Momiji – Birthday Girl – Alternate Launch Graphics

Momiji - Birthday Girl launch graphics - v2

Momiji – Printed Flyer Design

Momiji - Flyer Design


I'm a North Yorkshire based Creative Director with over 12 years of commercial experience. I work on digital and print projects for creative studios, businesses and like-minded individuals. I provide a range of graphic design services including web design, front-end web development, print design and illustration.

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