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LumberJack’s Guide

LumberJack’s Guide

‘The Lumberjack’s Guide to Wood Cutting’ was the 2nd special edition art book that I released under the Ammo brand. Inside the book features Lumberjack inspired artwork from 33 international artists with cover artwork by Andy Hulland (aka Mr The Beef). Accompanying the magazine was a letterpress print featuring artwork by Nick Deakin (printed by Blush Publishing).

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Instead of sending out a long-winded brief to the artists taking part in this book I sent out a simple one word brief - 'Lumberjack's'. I wanted to give the artists creative freedom with the theme acting as a tool that would bind the various artworks together.

The word 'Lumberjack' conjures up rich visuals like red checked shirts, saws, axes, beards, trees/forests etc. I expected to receive some artwork that featured colourful Lumberjack characters and scenes but I also hoped that some of the artists would take the brief in unexpected directions too. The response was really amazing, every single artist sent in incredible artwork all focusing on different aspects of wood cutting realised in their own unique style.

I decided that I wanted the book to have a very tactile feel, perhaps even somehow wood-like. I choose a heavyweight cover paper that has a deep, ridged texture. Not only did it print amazingly but when holding it in your hands the texture is immediately apparent and feels like wood grain. I also went for rounded corners on the outer corners of the book as a finishing touch.

The cover artwork was created by Andy Hulland (Mr the Beef) and was absolutely perfect for the book. I'd been a fan of Andy's characters for ages so I knew he'd create something really special for the cover. His lumberjack characters and bright background worked really well on the textured paper. Each copy of the book also came with a two colour letterpress print with artwork by Nick Deakin. I got in contact with Nick via a mutual friend and he's been involved with several Ammo publications. I love Nick's artwork so am always happy when he has time to take part. Including a letterpress print with the book felt just right too, the imprinted surface of the print added extra texture and depth to Nick's artwork.

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