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A new website for talented Jazz musicians Hansu-Tori. I designed and built the website including conversion to a bespoke WordPress theme. Features illustrations by Claire Hartley and photography by Iza Korsak.


Website Design
Website Development
Bespoke WordPress CMS

Claire Hartley - Branding/Illustrations
Iza Korsak - Photography


Hansu-Tori is a Birmingham-based contemporary Jazz Band made up of incredibly talented musicians.

David Austin Grey contacted me to discuss a new website for the band with a focus on their soon to be released album. My good friend Claire Hartley had already started working on a new identity for the band incorporating her unique illustrations (and had kindly recommended my web design skills). I knew Claire would create some great assets for me to include and there was also a selection outstanding images at hand thanks to photographer Iza Korzak.

I wanted to create something a bit more attention grabbing for the homepage than a standard web slider. After some experimentation I created a layered section featuring Claire's illustrations and Iza's photography combined with javascript that moved the images in reaction to the cursors position on the screen (click the Hansu-Tori link on the left to see it in action). The animation also works on tablets in reaction to tilting the device.

Important pages within the site included Audio/Video which pulls in audio from Bandcamp/Soundcloud and video from YouTube. An Events page that contains listings of upcoming gigs. An about page features background info (including the meaning behind the name) and profiles on each band member. There's also a blog page for adding the latest press releases and a contact form for booking the band. I converted the site into a bespoke WordPress theme so that David could login, edit and add content.

Overall it was a great website to work on - an inspiring client, ace branding/illustrations and professional photography.


Hansu-Tori – Homepage

hansu-tori homepage


Hansu-Tori – Homepage on Mobile devices



Hansu-Tori Mobile


Hansu-Tori – About Page




Hansu-Tori About Page

Hansu-Tori – Audio/Visual Page

Hansu-Tori - Audio/Visual Page


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