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DevRelCon is a one day, single track developer conference based in London. I was tasked with designing and building a one page site that would contain several sections featuring key information about the event.

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The DevRelCon conference is aimed at technical evangelists, developer advocates and anyone interested in developer relations.

Developer communities exist that promote and encourage developer adoption of software, APIs and other tools. New communities are forming at a rapid rate and this conference aims to help developers meet, connect and potentially form a community of their own.

The first DevRelCon will take place in September 2015 and feature 7 guest speakers who will share their experiences of working in developer relations or in a closely related field

The DevRelCon website contains several sections that can be scrolled to via the top navigation (or progression arrows throughout the page). In-between the sections are images with bold colour washes based on DevRelCon's brand colours. The images are linked up to a parallax script for added depth when scrolling.

DevRelCon – About

DevRelCon - About page

DevRelCon – Speakers

DevRelCon - Speakers


Responsive Design

DevRelCon - Home page - phone

DevRelCon - Speakers - phone

DevRelCon - Homepage - Tablet

Sponsor Brochure

DevRelCon Sponsor Brochure

DevRelCon Sponsor Brochure

DevRelCon Sponsor Brochure



I'm a North Yorkshire based Creative Director with over 12 years of commercial experience. I work on digital and print projects for creative studios, businesses and like-minded individuals. I provide a range of graphic design services including web design, front-end web development, print design and illustration.

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