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DevRel Blog

The DevRel Blog accompanies the DevRelCon (developer conference) website as a stand alone blog. The blog focuses on topics related to developer relations and includes job listings and articles.

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The DevRel Blog shares a similar top navigation bar to the DevRelCon conference website. On the left hand side the user can easily switch between various DevRel websites. As the family of DevRel projects grows new options will be added to the navigation.

I designed and developed the website before handing over the to the sites owner. Using Middleman (www.middlemanapp.com) he converted the static pages into an editable blog.

The site features articles from leading developers and developer advocates. It also includes a regular job listings; an area of the site that is being developed further.

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I'm a North Yorkshire based Creative Director with over 12 years of commercial experience. I work on digital and print projects for creative studios, businesses and like-minded individuals. I provide a range of graphic design services including web design, front-end web development, print design and illustration.

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