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Interview Series Vol.1

Interview Series Vol.1

The latest issue of Ammo Magazine focuses on Artist Interviews interspersed with Artist Profiles. The cover features artwork by Canadian artist Winnie Truong and each issue comes with a screen print by Rilla Alexander.

Ammo Magazine

Magazine design
Artist selection
Liaising with printers

Winnie Truong - Cover Artist

Interviewees - TADO, Felt Mistress, Isabel Greenberg, Kristian Jones, Sandra Dieckmann & Luke Drozd

Artist Profiles - Eva Galesloot, Caleb Simmons, Mat Roff, Monica Garwood, Rob Kemerink, Sonny Ross,

Rilla Alexander - Screen Print Artist
Yeti Screen Print - Screen Printer

Interview Series - Vol.1

I founded Ammo Magazine and publish a range of printed art books, magazines and other items under the Ammo brand. This was the first in a new series of magazines focusing on interviews with leading artists from across the world.

The magazine is A5, litho printed, perfect-bound and 84 pages long. All the Ammo output is printed on high quality paper and this issue was no exception. It features uncoated stock with a 300gsm cover and 160gsm internal pages. Each copy also comes with an A5, 2 colour screen print featuring artwork by Rilla Alexander expertly printed by Yeti Screen Print.

For the cover I was lucky enough to enlist the help of a Canadian artist whose artwork I'd long admired - Winnie Truong. Winnie's incredible artwork was perfect for the cover and I also interviewed her inside the magazine. Other interviewees included Felt Mistress, Isabel Greenberg, Kristian Jones, Luke Drozd, Sandra Dieckmann and TADO! There were also several double-page artist profiles featuring Eva Galesloot, Caleb Simmons, Mat Roff, Monica Garwood, Rob Kemerink and Sonny Ross. The quality of the artists involved was outstanding leaving me with the difficult task of deciding what images to leave out.

I take on a variety of roles for each publication - from deciding on the format and paper specifications, to selecting and contacting artists, liaising with printers, maintaining and updating the website and promotion via social media.

Cover Artist – Winnie Truong

Ammo Magazine - Winnie Truong

A selection of spreads

Ammo MagazineAmmo Magazine - Felt MistressAmmo Magazine - TADOAmmo Magazine - Sonny Ross


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