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The Poop Deck Project – Exhibition

The Poop Deck Project – Exhibition

I launched the Poop Deck playing cards and framed prints as part of a joint exhibition with Inkygoodness at the Coningsby Gallery in London.

I’ve collaborated with the Inkygoodness girls on several occasions. In the past I’d launched magazines at their exhibitions and we’ve hosted several networking events. This was the first time we were hosting a joint exhibition which meant I was a lot more involved than ever before.

The Poop Deck Project

The Ammo part of the exhibition was at the front of the gallery with Inkygoodness at the back. Inkygoodness were showcasing their beermat characters, a collection of framed beermats decorated by some amazing artists. The Poop Deck Project was Ammo’s side of the exhibition and featured the launch of an illustrated set of playing cards alongside framed prints of each cards character.

The Poop Deck

There were over 50 artists involved all of whom created characters for the playing cards and James Burlinson who created the box artwork. The playing cards were printed by Ripe Digital and I made Giclee prints of each character onto cotton paper. In total there were 54 A4 character prints and 1 A3 print of the box artwork all displayed in bespoke frames made by The Framers. A selection of the framed prints can be purchased online.

The Poop Deck Exhibition

Check out photos of the event on flickr, watch a video (by Craig Bush) of the event on the Poop Deck website and view details of all the artists involved.


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