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Ammo & Inkygoodness Event @ LeTruc, Birmingham

Ammo & Inkygoodness Event @ LeTruc, Birmingham

I joined forces with Inkygoodness to host an event at LeTruc in Birmingham. The event was part of the 1st Eye Candy Festival.

We made use of the bar area in recently opened French restaurant LeTruc. It was a great space and the owner was open to the creative ideas we had in mind. We had a large centre table and several other tables dotted around the area which artists could draw at. Inkygoodness held an event called Sketch which was perfect suited to the venue. I had a soft launch for a forthcoming Ammo project called AxeAid (more on that in 2014…).

Ammo vs Inkygoodness

During the day we had a constant flow of artists dropping by to sketch and drink with us. On the evening we were joined by Brothers of The Stripe who drew on easels dotted around the bar.

Ammo vs inkygoodness

It’s always good to be involved with events like this so close to home and I met loads of local artists. We also got to meet loads of out-of-towners thanks to the Festival and also the Birmingham Zine Festival taking place across the road.

Ammo vs inkygoodness

View photos of the event on flickr


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